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Hello and Welcome to Our Blog!

Thank you for taking an interest in our review policy! We would love to hear from you about your book requests! Jenn and Emily reserve the right to respectfully decline any request.

We are a recreational blog. We do not get paid to review, interview, host guest posts or host giveaways. Book Jems is a blog that is updated for fun. This means that every review is an honest, sincere review. There is no outside influence to our reviews.

We will provide reviews of books that we love, while we will also post reviews of books that we did not like. Jenn and Emily will give their honest opinion when we take the time to read books. We reserve the right to review novels that we did not finish or "DNF." If asked to review something, we will review it with our own thoughts and feelings, whether we liked it or didn't. We also reserve the right to not finish a novel, and not review it. If we do not feel we cannot write an adequate review, we will not do so. In such instances, the author/publisher who offered the review copy will be notified.

Jenn and Emily Are Not Currently Accepting Review Requests

Our Rating System:
Five Stars = Amazing, Wonderful, Recommend to Everyone, Go Buy It Right NOW
Four Point Five Stars = Great, Possibly A Couple Minor Issues, Overall Awesome, Definitely Recommend It
Four Stars = A Really Good Book, A Few Minor Issues
Three Point Five Stars = Very Good, Enjoyable
Three Stars = Good, Not Great, Nothing Remarkable, Kept Our Interest
Two Point Five Stars = Not Good, Several Major Issues
Two Stars = Okay, Nothing to Remember

One Point Five Stars = Bad, Few Good Points, Did Not Like
One Star = Awful, Horrible, Never Ever Read, Possibly "DNF"

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If you would like to request an author interview, a character interview, a giveaway, a blog tour or a guest post, email us. You can find our email below.

Contact Us:

Email Jenn and Emily at edandemsreviews(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

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