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Jenn currently resides in the Bay Area of California where she is finishing up her Paralegal certification with hopes of working in the criminal law field. When she has free time, or even when she doesn't, she enjoys reading, writing, marathoning TV shows such as Big Bang Theory, marathoning movies and hanging out with her crazy friends. One of her downfalls, she will read or watch anything regardless of how bad or boring it is (it's a curse).

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Emily is a college student from the Midwest. She's majoring in English with a double minor in Marketing and Communications. She hopes to be a publisher when she finishes school. Her hobbies include reading, googling cat pictures, watching anime, The Walking Dead and Dance Moms, reading some more, and cleaning. She currently works at a movie theatre, putting "extra butter" on popcorn for people who really don't need it.

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About the Blog:

Ed and Em's Reviews was created in February of 2012. It was started by two friends who love to read, watch movies and share their opinions about them! They chose the name by using their nicknames. Pretty catchy, though, right? In April of 2013, the resignation of one of the team members led the other to join up with a friend to create Book Jems, which is a combination of their names, not a misspelling! Jenn + Em = Jems! They participate in weekly memes along with posting their reviews, interviews, blog tours and guests posts.

Hope you follow and enjoy the blog!

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