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Book Review: Glimmer (The Black Swan Files Book 1) by Tricia Cerrone

The blurb as seen on Goodreads:
Release Date: May 26, 2015
Publisher: Stone Media, Inc.
436 Pages

The Black Swan Files begin…

At certain moments in history, when several impossible-to-predict events collide, they create what’s known as a Black Swan—an event that can change how we look at science, technology, even our history. Jocelyn Albrecht is one such Black Swan. Infected by the biotechnology her parents sought to develop, she has become human enhanced—an H+.

The accident that gave Jocelyn new powers also killed her family. In their place she is raised at Camp Holliwell by “her uncle”—a government funded scientist—and his league of doctors who study and test Jocelyn daily in the hopes of learning how to replicate her. The military has another goal in mind—to make her an asset.

After losing one family and the home where she belonged, Jocelyn strives to keep her Holliwell family happy, as odd as they might be. That is until she finds out the truth…Uncle Laurence is using her as a guinea pig, her brother and sister are still alive, and she doesn’t have long to live.

Now Jocelyn only cares about finding her real family. The problem—breaking out of a highly classified, military facility before the next experiment kills her.

Seth Johnson had nothing left to lose when he volunteered to go to Camp Holliwell. Now he would do anything to get out. He wants to help Jocelyn escape, but with a target on both of them, survival means he needs to look out for number one.

Georgie Washington is a straight A student and only child of middle class Virginians. Raised on civil rights and the horrors of American slavery, Georgie has a keen sense of what’s right and what’s not. She secretly befriends Jocelyn, and when no one else will help, commits to breaking her out of Camp Holliwell.

Graeme Rochester knows something is wrong, he just hasn’t figured out the connection to his family. One thing he does know—he would do anything to keep them safe. When the world at Camp Holliwell threatens that safety, Graeme wants to know why, even if it means a collision course with the government’s best-kept secret.

These four people, from vastly different worlds, learn the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice when unpredictable events once again collide, and create the possibility of another Black Swan. 

It's rare that a book surprises me with how good it is, but Glimmer did exactly that. Here's a book that I saw while perusing Netgalley and it was a read now type, so I thought why not? I am so glad I hit that button.

Sunnie has never know life outside of Holliwell - a government facility that has all the makings of a small town, including Starbucks. Here she is taken care of by her "Uncle". She has virtually no memory of her life before coming to Holliwell, just that her parents and siblings died leaving only her. And that she has cancer - or so she's told.

Turns out everything Sunnie has ever been told is a lie - including her name. She's actually Jocelyn Albrecht and her parents were world renowned bio-technologists whose greatest accomplishment no resides inside their daughter. Holliwell isn't the treatment center Jocelyn thinks it is, it's actually her prison. Keeping her there while her so-called uncle runs test after test on her. It's when they turn to torture that Jocelyn starts to realize something is wrong. With the help of people she meets along the way, Jocelyn decides that it's time for freedom and starts to plot her escape.

Along with Jocelyn, this story is rich with other characters. There's Seth, the other "experiment" kept locked away at Holliwell. He's the one who really kick starts all of her questioning. There's Georgie, whom Jocelyn befriends on one of her allowed outings to the local movie theater. Then there's Graeme who she randomly meets while he's trying to uncover the secrets locked away at Holliwell - not knowing he's met one.

All of these people, along with others *ahem*Sergei*ahem*, just add to this plot. At times the amount of story lines and histories did get a little convoluted, but once you're able to separate them and see that they are all meaningful in a way, they just add that much more. 

Told at an incredibly fast pace that keeps you on your toes, Glimmer shows the fine line that's walked between humanity and science. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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