Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ARC Review: After Tonight (Flirting with Trouble #1) by Annie Kelly

The blurb as seen on Goodreads:
Release Date: November 17, 2015
Publisher: InterMix

The first edgy, sexy novel in the Flirting With Trouble contemporary romance series.

She may be the teacher...

All Hyacinth "Cyn" Hendricks ever wanted to do was make a difference in the world. But when she joins the faculty of a Baltimore reform school, she discovers that she’s bitten off more than she can chew. Because the last thing she expects when she meets her newest student is to see the guy she met—and made out with—at a bar last week.

But he’s the one giving her a lesson...

To Cyn, Smith Asher is an enigma. The 20-year old doesn’t look like a high schooler and he certainly didn’t act like one the other night. Despite the smoldering chemistry between them, she knows she has to squash this dangerous infatuation before it gets them both in serious trouble. But her desire for Smith—and his lust for her—quickly grows too hot to ignore. And Cyn soon learns that there is one thing worse than teaching someone you’ve seen nearly naked...

Teaching someone you want to see nearly naked again.

Hyacinth Hendricks is trying to finish up her student teaching assignment so that she can graduate. She's worked hard to be where she is and between working and taking care of her father, she doesn't really ever allow herself to let loose. When her friends take her out to an exclusive club - one that specializes in fantasies- Hyacinth decides to let go. It's here she meets Smith Asher, the first guy who has ever made her want to feel again. And while her night doesn't go the way she intends it to, it still awoke something inside her. Something that she decides she wants to pursue, that is until Monday morning when she sees Smith in her English class - as a student. 

My first impression was that this would be your classic teacher/student affair type book. And I wasn't completely wrong. Hyacinth knows that what happened between the two of them can't ever happen again and she's determined to keep the line clear between them. But Smith doesn't seem to want to stick to her rules. He's demanding, and very forward with his intentions. Almost to the point where it seemed a little like harassment to me. She kept telling him no and asking him to stop and he would disregard her and continue his behavior. Another thing with Smith was that his behavior was very up and down. After reading the entire story, I see why the author portrayed him the way she did, but while reading it, it was hard to like the guy.

Then there was the chemistry. Besides sexual I didn't really feel it. There wasn't a spark aside from the initial first impression. Most of their interactions were him flirting with her in the classroom and on top of that, they were only together for maybe 1/3 of the book. Most of it focused on Hyacinth's day to day activities. I really liked the premise and I see potential in the authors writing, but this couple didn't really do it for me. I have a feeling I know what couple the next book will focus on and I am very interested in how they connect. While this book wasn't for me, it did spark my interest in the rest and I look forward to seeing what the author can do next. 

I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley.

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