Tuesday, April 7, 2015

10 Years Later: A Second Chance Romance by J Sterling

The blurb as seen on Goodreads:
Release Date: March 28, 2015
Publisher: Self-Published
256 Pages

It’s been ten years since I've seen him. Ten years. I have no idea what he’s doing,where he’s been or if he’s even still single. Have I thought about him over the years? Of course. Absolutely. But that doesn't mean anything, right? Just because you think about the boy you used to be in love with doesn't mean you’re still in love with them now. Does it?

I haven’t seen her in ten years. She’s the whole reason I’m even coming to this reunion. If it wasn't for her, I would have stayed home. I made mistakes back in high school. Hell, I was just a kid then. But I’m here to right my wrongs,tell her I’m sorry and win her back. She changed my whole life and she doesn't even know it. It’s time she knew.

Some fear it, some love it. For some, it's that time to show off how far you've come. For others, it's a way to relive the glory days. It's the 10 year high school reunion.

Now, I didn't go to mine because, honestly, there wasn't anyone from high school that I really wanted to see. That was a time period that I am happy to forget. But for some, such as Cammie, it's a chance to maybe get back something that was lost.

Cammie had a rough senior year. Her life literally fell apart and the only thing that kept her going was Dalton - the boy she'd been crushing on for almost all of high school. She lived for their secret rendezvous, however, she was afraid to tell him how she really felt for fear that it would ruin what they had. 10 years later, she's regretting that decision and is hoping that the reunion will be just the place to meet up.

Dalton hasn't forgotten Cammie. Even though he's been off the social media networks, it doesn't mean that he hasn't been keeping tabs on her. He listens in to the morning radio show that she works on just for the chance to hear her voice. And like Cammie, his only reason for attending the reunion is to see her again.

While I didn't fall in love with the characters, it was a fast and cute read. I almost wish that the book had been divided into two parts: the first focusing on their high school relationship and the the second focusing on their meeting at the reunion and after. I liked reading the flashbacks throughout the story, but there were some that seemed thrown it at very weird moments and it took me out of the story a little. And there were no clear breaks at points between the past and the future.

However, I adore Sterling's witty writing. The internal monologues of her female characters are hilarious and for the most part, are relatable. Yes, there was some ridiculous drama thrown in that could have been easily avoided with just a little bit of communication, I liked the overarching feeling of hope that Sterling provided.

I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fast read, or something to read down by the beach. 


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