Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2: Book Blogger New Year's Challenge

When I saw that Rachel from Parajunkee was hosting this challenge, I decided that I was going to participate because it seemed like fun and also it sounded like something that would help me ease back into blogging.

Day 2: The Pros and Cons of Book Blogging

- Meeting people from all over the world
- A monstrous TBR shelf
- Discovering new books
- Helping others discover new books
- Chatting about books (whether opinions are similar or differ)
- Learning about the industry, so I can be prepared when I apply for jobs in the field
- Attending more author events/signings

- I definitely have carpal tunnel now
- Pressure to chat with others (I'm actually pretty shy)
- Pressure to post
- Pressure to review EVERYTHING
- A monstrous TBR shelf
- Fear/paranoia about negatively reviewing books

What do you think some pros and cons are in regards to book blogging?


  1. I'd love to attend more author signings/events too. I love meeting with the people who have created some of my favorite books.

    1. I feel the same! Though I always get nervous and jittery because it's hard to be so close to people who I admire so! :)


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