Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1: Book Blogger New Year's Challenge

When I saw that Rachel from Parajunkee was hosting this challenge, I decided that I was going to participate because it seemed like fun and also it sounded like something that would help me ease back into blogging.

Day 1: My Blogger Resolutions

1. Write more reviews, and expand the content of Book Jems.
- Toward the end of 2013, I started to slack off on the blog and have not been fully into reviewing and reading. It's an issue that I'm working on resolving. I love book blogging, and I want to continue for as long as I can!

2. Interact with other bloggers/readers.
- I have always had trouble with this one. Sometimes I don't know what to say. Sometimes I'm extremely awkward. Sometimes I just forget to respond. But that ends here. I want to create more friendships and share the book love!

3. Rejoin weekly memes.
- When I first started blogging, and this blog was titled something completely different, I overloaded on memes. I think I was participating in one a day. Not only is that exhausting, but it felt pretty lazy as well. Currently, Jenn and I are not actively participating in any. I would like to change that and bring back a couple because they are fun to do!

4. Do things in a timely manner, and make a schedule.
- This also doesn't just apply to blogging, but to my life outside of the internet. I procrastinate a lot. If I manage my time, I should be able to co-run Book Jems, take 15 credit hours and work part-time. I just have to make a good schedule, and work ahead rather than getting behind.

5. Write reviews immediately.
- I'm horrible at this. I will finish a book before bed and then decide to write the review the next day. ...Well, the next day turns into a month and it never gets done. I plan to start reviewing (even if I just jot down notes on my phone at first) as soon as I finish a book. That way the story is still in my head, and I don't have to struggle to remember details.

Do those sound like good resolutions? What about you? What are you resolved to do in 2014?

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  1. Blogger interacting seems to be a big resolution this year. It is one of mine as well. Happy New Year!


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