Thursday, December 5, 2013

ARC Review: Switched by Cassie Mae

The blurb as seen on Goodreads:
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Publisher: Flirt
240 Pages

Ever since high school, Kayla has been crazy for gorgeous football player Talon. But before she could muster the courage to tell him, he became a hot item with her beautiful BFF, Reagan. The only person who knows Kayla’s secret is Wesley, Talon’s best bud—and he’s got it bad for Reagan. Now they’re all in college together, hanging out 24/7. For Kayla, seeing the two lovebirds together is absolutely unbearable. So Kayla and Wesley hatch a plot to drive them apart before Talon has a chance to give Reagan the Christmas gift she’s been waiting for.

Soon enough, the once happy couple is fighting. Reagan suddenly can’t get enough of Wesley’s goofy sense of humor, and Talon seems to be paying more attention to Kayla than a guy who’s “only a friend” ever should. But just when everything seems to be falling into place, Kayla and Wesley accidentally spend a night together and discover a hitch in their plan they never considered: that switching partners may not lead to a perfect ending after all.


Most YA/NA novels come complete with a love triangle – it’s like the social norm now. But in Switched we get a love square. We have Kayla, who is in love with Talon, and Wesley, who is in love with Reagan. However, Reagan and Talon are dating. See the problem? Well, so do Kayla and Wesley, so the two of them come up with the brilliant plan of breaking up their best friends because it’s so obvious they’re with the wrong people. 

Kayla has loved Talon since he helped her after she fell off of her bike when she was a kid. Since then, she’s watched him blossom into the popular, hot football player who ends up dating her best friend. Around Talon, Kayla turns into this shy, sighing, lovesick girl. It’s amazing that Reagan never notices this. For the most part of this book, Kayla read to me as younger than being in college. But then I realized that she’s straight out of high school and still figuring life out, so of course parts of her are still a little immature. But as she grows, so does her voice and I found myself sympathizing with her even though I knew where she would end up.

Then there’s Wesley. I want one. He’s so amazing. He’s funny, sweet, playful, sensitive, a guitar player (my weakness), and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Unfortunately, he’s in love with his best friends’ girlfriend. He was pretty much the conscience of the story and I loved every second he was on screen.

While I wasn’t a fan of Reagan, who I found to be selfish and slightly conceited, I adored Talon and could see why Kayla loved him and how he was Wesley’s best friend. Honestly, these were two really great guys. The story itself was a little farfetched, but it worked. (Come on, four friends from high school all manage to get into Berkeley together?) I don’t believe that everything would have worked out this way, but then again, I also don’t approve of what Kayla and Wesley were trying to do. Their initial actions made them horrible friends. But the writing just wouldn’t let me dislike it. 

I’ve read Mae’s work before and what I loved was how witty her characters were. Their conversations read as actual conversations one would hear within this age range. The banter between Kayla and Wesley had me cracking up and smiling like an idiot every time they were together. The ending was adorable, and even though I had predicted it early on, it still shocked me that I was right. I almost wish there would be more to this story because I just want to see more Wesley. What? I’m selfish *shrugs*.
I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley for my honest opinion and review.

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