Sunday, November 10, 2013

ARC Review: Roman Holiday 2: Hitched by Ruthie Knox

The blurb as seen on Goodreads:
Release Date: November 18, 2013
Publisher: Loveswept
50 Pages

Ruthie Knox’s eBook original serial, Roman Holiday, continues in Episode 2, as Ashley and Roman flee an oncoming hurricane by hitting the highway—only to encounter some outrageous bumps in the road.

If I was expecting anything but wonderfulness from the second part of Ruthie Knox's Roman Holiday serialization, Roman Holiday 2: Hitched, I would be shamed forever because this installment is even better than the first. As the first serialized novel that I've ever read, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm highly impressed. Knox has so much talent, and it's great to watch her reach out and try different things.

In this "episode," we pick up very close to where Chained left off. Ashley is waking up after fainting in Roman's arms, and Roman is still struggling with how to deal with this pest that's fallen into his lap (quite literally). They begin their long journey away from the Keys, and its upcoming hurricane to Ashley's grandmother's friend, Mitzi's, home in Georgia. Roman hopes to finally get rid of Ashley, so he can go back to his developing projects, while Ashley hopes to sway Roman's decision to tear down the only home she ever really had.

I'm still a huge fan of these two characters. I love how they are undeniably affected by each other, but they haven't come to terms with it. It's very realistic to watch this develop slowly. That's a big negative for most of the romances that I've read--after five minutes, the protagonists fall all over each other and their lives begin to revolve around one another. This seems way more realistic! Roman still thinks about his other responsibilities, like his girlfriend, Carmen. Both characters have opened themselves up a bit more in the book. The reader will be able to see that much of their current behavior is a facade to hide sad pasts. Ashley is not as brave as she seems, but actually very conscious of the way others see her. Roman is trying to hide that he feels much more than he would like to--like his guilt about some of his behavior toward Ashley.

I'm very interested to see how Knox will play out Roman's relationships with Carmen and Ashley. Of course, I want him to be with Ashley, but how (and if) the author dissolves the current romance between Carmen and Roman has me so curious! The plot is moving very steadily thus far, and the tension between our two protagonists has begun to really rev up. I am so looking forward to future sexy times and swoons!

Now excuse me, while I go pick up part three. It's been begging me to open it and read since I finished Roman Holiday 2: Hitched. Knox really knows how to capture the attention of the reader. These books feel like an addiction that I can't seem to stop! I'm sure that romance fans will absolutely eat this series up as much like the author's other works, it's phenomenally written with great, sassy characters and an extremely original plot. This Roman Holiday is turning out to be a really fun adventure!
I received an e-copy of this novel from the publisher for my honest opinion and review via Netgalley.

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