Saturday, December 15, 2012

WinterHaven Sleigh Tour: Letter to Santa

Ed and I are happy to be a part of the WinterHaven Sleigh Tour hosted byWinterHaven Books!
For the first three weeks in December, bloggers across the blogosphere are participating in different themed "challanges."
This week bloggers are book wishes to Santa.


Dear Mr. Claus,

I want a whole lot this Christmas. I'm greedy, but since I've been super nice this year, I think I deserve it.

Firstly, I need new socks and undergarments - including at least two new bras. I would like a new kitten named Tangerine, who I will dub Rini and for my hedgehog, Archibald to arrive early. I want a free trip and tour of Ireland, if I saw Niall Horan, it really wouldn't hurt. I want Garrett Hedlund under my artificial purple tree, wearing nothing but a bow. I would also really like every book ever.


Mother says that if I want all those other things, I can only ask you for one book. So I'll ask you for Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer

It's got robots and moon people and genetically modified humans and some smokin' hot romance. ...Claus, my man, you know how I am about romance. So if you just wanna leave an ARC of this under my tree, I would be more than happy to continue to be a good, nice girl forever. (Except when I don't really feel like it.)

Yours Truly,
Emily Elizabeth
(Clifford says he wants more dog biscuits. Not only is he getting fat, he ate my favorite pair of shoes, so don't give him any.)



  1. Your letter is hilarious!! Awesome book by the way:))

    I'd love Clockwork Princess:)

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  2. LOOOOOL! Oh your letter made me laugh boat loads!! I have to agree with you on needing more socks and undergarments! x) And Tangerine is such a lovely name for a kitten, I approve whole heartedly! :)) I haven't read Cinder yet, which I definitely should, but I have heard great things on both books! I really want Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi, maybe Santa can get us an ARC of the book we want this year! *crosses fingers and hopes to death*

    Out of all the letters I've read, yours is definitely my fave! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)

  3. Cute letter!
    My Bella is on the naughty list too. She dug a hole in the mattress! Its as round as a small dessert plate! Not deep though. Caught her red pawed, stuffing all over and in her mouth!
    Between you and me, I didn't like the mattress much..lolz..
    I bet your wish will be heard!
    Dear Santa w/Bella's Bookshelf
    New follower :)

  4. Awesome letter! I really want Poison Princess by Kresley Cole.
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com


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