Friday, December 21, 2012

Follow Friday (45)

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Q. What have you learned from book blogging that you didn't know before about the publishing industry?

A. To be honest, I didn't know much of anything going into this. Since Ed and I started blogging in February, I've learned quite a bit. I have learned about the process of requesting and receiving galleys and ARCS, which is much different than I thought it would be. I learned what galleys and ARCs really are - before I started blogging, I didn't know that they were uncorrected proofs. I know all of the lingo now, too. I now know that there are multiple departments in a publishing company. It's not just a EVERYBODY DOES EVERYTHING industry, which I kind of figured before, but now I understand the different departments. So yeah... I've learned a lot!

What have you learned about the publishing industry since you started blogging?


  1. Sometimes we want to think that there is small work happening in the book industry, or we hope in order to get the books we love sooner. But there is a lot of work happening there. Thanks for reminding us :)
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    Lil Berry @ Forget About TV, Grab a Book

  2. I learned most of what I know by publishing myself, but it was a steep learning curve, that's for sure. I'm still baffled by a lot of it to be honest, but getting out there and doing it yourself is one way to learn things in a hurry.

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    Julie~ New Adult Addiction


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