Friday, June 8, 2012

Dark Days Tour Signing Recap

Today on the blog, Emily is bringing a recap of the book signing she went to last night aka the best freaking night of her life. 

As you might have seen, I went to see Veronica Roth last month for her Insurgent Release Tour. It was wonderful. She's seriously sweet. I love her. A lot. My friend Brian and I have declared ourselves Veronica Roth groupies. It's great to not be in denial.

Moving on - Veronica was a featured author for the Dark Days Tour hosted by Pitch Dark Books. She was joined by authors: Bethany Griffin, Aprilynne Pike and Elizabeth Norris. So when I said that meeting Veronica last month was the best day ever, I kinda lied. BECAUSE I GOT TO MEET HER AGAIN, AND SHE SAID SHE KNEW MY BLOG. I haven't been a blogger very long, but to hear that one of my favorite authors knows my blog was probably the coolest thing that I've ever heard. There is another bonus to last night: RAE CARSON WAS THERE. Holy wonderousness, Batman! She wasn't a scheduled appearence, but since she's a local author, she came to see Bethany Griffin, with whom she shares an editor. I know this because I talked to her and told her she has to do a signing soon because my book for her was at home. So she signed some paper for me... Because I love her. I'm fangirling really hard just thinking about last night... Sorry!

Onward to pictures!

The stage for the signing. My mom, Brian and I got pretty good seats!

Liz was talking about Unraveling.

This is just in there because Veronica is looking at my camera... When I saw that after going through my pictures, I was freaking fangirling.

I don't remember why they are laughing... but Aprilynne's face... Hahahaha!

Liz chatting about my blog and Goodreads.

Cover-To-Cover has their featured authors sign the walls! How neat is that?

The other part of the wall.

Aprilynne signing the wall!

Veronica signing above the panel. She jokingly claimed to be egotistical after I told her she was the only author with a spotlight on their name. She's so funny! :)

Bethany signing the wall!

Liz signing the wall!

Group photo!

Now for the pictures of my books and swag!

Okay, enough of my bragging. Hope you all have wonderful weekend! TGIF!


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