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Book Review: A Little Night Magic by Lucy March

The blurb as seen on Goodreads:
Release Date: January 31. 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
320 Pages

In New York Times bestselling author Lucy March's new novel, Olivia Kiskey needs a change. She’s been working at the same Nodaway Falls, New York, waffle house since she was a teenager; not a lot of upward mobility there. She’s been in love with Tobias, the cook, for the last four years; he’s never made a move. Every Saturday night, she gathers with her three best friends—Peach, Millie, and Stacy—and drinks the same margaritas while listening to the same old stories. Intent on shaking things up, she puts her house on the market, buys a one-way ticket to Europe, and announces her plans to her friends . . . but then she meets Davina Granville, a strange and mystical Southern woman who shows Olivia that there is more to her life than she ever dreamed. As Liv’s latent magical powers come to the surface, she discovers that having an interesting life is maybe not all it’s cracked up to be. The dark side of someone else’s magic is taking over good people in town, and changing them into vessels of malevolence. Unwilling to cede her home to darkness, she battles the demons of her familial past and her magical present, with those she loves at her side . . . and in the cross fire. Can the most important things in life—friendship, love, magic, and waffles—get her through the worst that the universe can throw at her?



This book was a gift from my good friend and blogging partner, Edwin. He's probably mad that I waited to start this until yesterday since he bought it for me close to three months ago… But THANK YOU, EDWIN! Besties for life! Back to the book - I saw it during one of our infamous Target runs and fell immediately in love with the cover. It's so intriguing and dare I say… magical? I didn't really expect what happens in the book. I honestly thought that Liv's trip to Europe would play a part in the story and while she does leave for Europe at the end of the novel, it doesn't have as large of a role as I thought it would. Overall, I seriously enjoyed the story.

Olivia "Liv" Kiskey has lived in the same town and had the same three friends since she was a child. She spends her days working at the Crazy Cousin Betty Waffle House and being hopeless in unrequited love with the cook, Tobias. Reading from Liv's perspective was so fun! She is a sassy, smart and independent woman. When Liv learns secrets of her family and the magic they posses, she unwillingly halts her plans to leave town, move to Europe and change her life. She does so to learn more about her past from a woman who sweeps into town and calls herself Liv's friend. The woman's name is Davina.

The minor characters in this novel are great, too. Tobias is a very cool guy. I loved him because even Liv knows he's not perfect, but he is perfect for her. Most men in stories are perfect in what feels like every way and that is all the woman sees. It's tiring after awhile. Liv is also one part of a great foursome of friends. Millie, Peach and Stacy all love Liv and each other very much. While there is drama, resentment and angst between them, you can tell that even in the end, that love still exists. Betty and the other townies only add to the magic of the novel. Lucy March writes a great cast of characters!

This book is very different from what I've read before. It has angst, drama, scandal, lies, romance and mystery. I really enjoyed the book. It was a fast read, perfect for any time of the year. It was a guilty pleasure for me. A Little Night Magic is a somewhat cheesy, light-hearted romance, though the action can be pretty intense. The entire book was so interesting. I couldn't put it down and finished the entire book in one sitting.

There was a little Twilight mockery in it towards the end. It doesn't have much to do the story, but it made me laugh. It also shows there is comedy in the book even during the intense parts. (Going back to the part where I said Liv has a sassy perspective!)

The twists in this story were pretty easy to see coming. I really enjoyed it. Though as I've said before, I prefer a book full of twists, turns and surprises I don't see coming.

I will definitely be reading the sequel. I can't wait to see what happens next in Liv and Tobias's story! And though this is the beginning of a series, it could've done very well as a stand-alone novel as well. 

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  1. I'm nearly finished with this one and while I wait for my little one to go to bed so I can finish? I decided to lurk the web for reviews!

    I think the Twilight Mockery made me laugh out loud several times! I loved it, and I loved the cheesy factor of this one!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it too :)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books


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