Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (7)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly Tuesday meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.
The prompt for this week is Top Ten All Time Favorite Characters!

Be forewarned, most of my favorite characters are male... because I just love boys. ;)

1. Finnick Odair - The Hunger Games
He's probably my favorite character in the series. I love his personality and his backstory! I wish there was an entire book devoted to him and what happens after the series was completed. I follow-up of the Odair family would be amazing! (Also, they should cast Garrett Hedlund as him. That's my dream. I'd be the happiest person ever. JUST CAST GARRETT.)

2. Cinder - The Lunar Chronicles
She's a great female character and plays the lead role in one of the best books that I've read this year. She has a great voice and is easy to read from. I adore her and am literally dying to read the next part of her story (though it is told from a different perspective).

3. Prince Kai - The Lunar Chronicles
He's a great guy. Seriously, I love him and how much he adores Cinder. I can't wait to see how the drama will play out in book two. I know that he'll put it together and realize what is going on. CINDER LOVES YOU AND YOU LOVE HER. LET'S JUST BE TOGETHER AND HAPPY AND STUFFS.

4. Augustus Waters - The Fault In Our Stars
I don't even know what to say about him. God, he just broke my heart and quickly back together. Repeat this at least twelve times. He's one of, if not, the best teenage male character ever. John Green really knows what he's doing.

5. Hazel Lancaster - The Fault In Our Stars
Hazel is the strongest female character I've ever read. She doesn't use knives or guns or arrows to fight, she uses her body and her will to live. I loved her point-of-view and the realism that she protrayed. This book was so hard to read because of the idea of it and what the story was about, but because of Hazel, you can't put it down.

6. Cat Crawfield - Night Huntress
I love, love, love Cat. She's witty and usually pretty smart, plus she has a smoking hot husband and the sarcasm of a fiend. Her series is great fun and easy to read!

7. Michael McCready - Bonds of Earth
Michael is from one of my favorite books. It's based on homosexual relations, so it's not for everyone. Michael is amazing. I love him so much and wished him all the happiness in the world. Luckily for my sanity, he got it. What I loved most about him was his strength and his will to be himself. 

8. Rowan - Wanderlove
Rowan is a complete tool at the beginning of this book, but he really grows on you. I loved him the entire time. His exotic stories and the background of his life. He made me swoon because he was a bad boy and an experienced traveller. Plus... he had a hot bod.

9. Georgia & Shaun - Newsflesh Trilogy
I can't even give them two places in this Top Ten, because I think of them as a pair, a duo. They will never be seperated, not even in death. They are very dear characters to me and part of my favorite (and the best) zombie series. They are both so smart and loyal and strong. I absolutely adore them!

10. Eugenides - The Queen's Thief
Such an amazing character. He's hard to understand and he definitely develops and changes, but he's one of the best characters ever written in a young adult fantasy novel. The plot and awesomeness of this novel really gets you involved in its characters, too. I don't know what to say besides, I love Gen and always will. I need the next book now - BUT THERE ISN'T EVEN A RELEASE YEAR YET. My life is so hard.

What are your Top Ten Favorite Characters?


  1. I had so many characters I couldn't choose from - Gen is one of my favorites and he didn't make my list :) Ah, well.

  2. oooh yes, I love that you included the Newsflesh Trilogy! And Finnick has such a sad story...


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